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4月18日講座:De-Canonization of Literary Classics -- Jin Ping Mei and Anglo-American Censorship

SEIS Academic Forum Series (No. 711)
Forum on Translation Studies

De-Canonization of Literary Classics -- Jin Ping Mei and Anglo-American Censorship

主講人:齊林濤   博士

時間: 10:00-12:00
日期: 2019年4月18日(周四)
地點: 英語學院111會議室


More than ten English translations of Jin Ping Mei appeared in the 20th century, but most of them were abridged translations or adaptations, in which the original storyline was truncated while the sexual descriptions were highlighted or even magnified through exaggerated rewriting, resulting in the de-canonization of Jin Ping Mei in the West. In his seminar, the speaker re-examines the translational history of Jin Ping Mei by situating the phenomenon in the Anglo-American socio-cultural context of the 20th century, literary censorship in particular. Through initial analysis of the translated texts from the perspectives of Orientalism, the publishing ecosystem, and the politics of reading, the seminar uncovers the process and mechanism of commodification, vulgarization and politicization of Jin Ping Mei in the Anglophone world. In addition to articulating the paradoxical inter-dependence of literary censorship and the commodification of pornography, the seminar also unravels the reading landscape as a product, and mirror, of the socio-economic and political contexts, touching upon the topics of democracy of reading, the creative power of repressive literary censorship, and the resulting de-canonization and victimization of literary classics.


齊林濤,澳大利亞蒙納士大學人文學院翻譯學講師、博士生導師。蒙納士大學2018年度杰出科研新人,CIUTI最佳博士論文獎獲得者。澳洲翻譯協會AUSIT全國教育委員會委員,澳洲文學翻譯學會AALITRA委員會委員及其會刊AALITRA Review編輯。近年來,屢獲澳大利亞人文研究院、澳大利亞國立圖書館及澳大利亞外交貿易部資助,開展中國文學外譯及澳洲文學漢譯的研究。在各類刊物如Target、CLEAR、《明清小說研究》、《翻譯界》及港中大Journal of Translation Studies等發表論文多篇,擔任The Translator、Translation StudiesNew Voices in Translation Studies等翻譯學刊物的審稿人。2018年5月在Routledge出版英文專著Jin Ping Mei English Translations: Texts, Paratexts and Contexts,目前在編中國文學外譯研究方面書籍、??瘍刹?。


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