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SEIS Academic Forum Series

Forum on Irish Studies (No.723)

Staging Samuel Beckett’s prose for a 21st Century



演講人:愛爾蘭圣三一大學Sarah Jane Scaife博士


Sarah Jane Scaife博士是愛爾蘭著名導演,也是愛爾蘭文學,特別是貝克特戲劇領域的知名學者,執導過四十多部戲劇,在中國、法國、美國、日本等多個國家演出,產生了廣泛的影響,發表有學術論文十余篇。特別是多次來中國進行學術交流和演出指導工作。

Scaife博士此前多次來北外交流, 2010年協助北外教師申請愛爾蘭文學翻譯項目,組織北京外國語大學翻譯系學生為上海世博會進行戲劇表演等。她目前的戲劇項目《貝克特在城市》全系列作品在紐約演出,首演作品《The Women Speak》獲得觀眾極大贊譽。Scaife教授將于20195月至6月開始在中國和愛爾蘭之間開展一項新研究項目。她的新劇《Company》(貝克特著)將于2020年巡回演出。


My interest in Beckett’s prose came initially from the drama, or my interest in the drama might actually have come from the prose… What I am getting at is that each discipline interacts with and complements the other. Once you have read the prose the drama seems to reflect back at images that are re-presented there, and once you have re-created the drama from the words on the page, it seems to hint at images from within the prose. Beckett is essentially an installation artist who uses all of the materials available to him, the themes he looks at are re-created in prose, in drama, in film, in the imagery created by words, whether that is in physical images or aural images. I was also fascinated by his writing on art and his love of art from Jack B. Yeats to Balmer, Munch, Giacommetti to mention but a few. If you go in to the National Art Gallery in Ireland you can figure out which paintings would have been hung when he visited it, by the dates the art was acquired. 

This lecture will look at two prose pieces that I have worked on over the years, Fizzles and Company and at how I approached their staging without turning them into plays.

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